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Caderno de resumos - SBCM 2015

Caderno de resumos do SBCM 2015

\documentclass[10pt, a5paper, oneside]{book}
\usepackage{wasysym} % Music symbols, baby!
\usepackage{textcomp} %para o greater than
\usepackage{pdfpages} %Para importar PDFs
\usepackage{afterpage} % Para pular página
\usepackage[absolute,overlay]{textpos} %posicao absoluta (usado na contracapa)
\usepackage{tocloft} % Pontinhos no Sumário

% Fancy Chapter
%Options: Sonny, Lenny, Glenn, Conny, Rejne, Bjarne, Bjornstrup

\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{\protect #1}

% Para controlar margens e etc:
\textwidth 4.7in
\textheight 7.2in
\topmargin -0.8in
\oddsidemargin -0.40in
\evensidemargin -0.40in

\pagenumbering{gobble}% Remove page numbers (and reset to 1)
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Capa


% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Prologo

% Sumário

% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
% Conteúdo
\pagenumbering{arabic}% Arabic page numbers (and reset to 1)

% Resumos
\part{Technical Papers and Posters}

\chapter{Copista - Sistema de OMR para a recuperação de acervo histórico musical}
   \item Avner Paulo (Universidade de São João del Rei)
   \item Flávio Schiavoni (Federal University of São João Del Rei)
   \item Marcos Laia (Universidade de São Paulo)
   \item Daniel Madeira (Universidade de São João del Rei)

The Optical Music Recognition (OMR) is a Computer Science field aplied to Music and has opening problems to recognize handwriten scores. This paper presents a project called ``Copista'' that is investigating techniques to develop a software to recognize handwriten scores.

% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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